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Complete listing of all available VASL-extensions. Original source: VASL MDX Listing by Scott Brady (Original Link)

Interesting discussion on Gamesquad: Recommended Extensions

Name Description Status Author
3d6.mdx Three die roll button or [ALT F3] Jeffrey Malter
4los.mdx Lazy LOS Button - Calculates LOS vs. different heights Will Waller
5ABN.mdx ABTF & PB replaces 5Airborne. Obsolete - In normal VASL system
5ABNv51.mdx ABTF & PB. replaces 5Airborne. for v5.1 Obsolete - In normal VASL system
5Airborne1_1.mdx Replaced by 5ABNv51.mdx Obsolete - In normal VASL system
5BF3R.mdx Replaced by 5BFR.mdx Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5BFR.mdx CH's Fall of the 3rd Reich counters in German & Russian trays Jeffrey Malter
5DBP.mdx CH's Dien Bien Phu counters DBP tab in main tray Jeffrey Malter
5FB.mdx Blaze/Flame Button - Track Flame & Blazes in pop-up Jeffrey Malter
5GCbeta02.mdx CH's Guerra Civil counters in GC tab in main tray
5KGC.mdx Counters for Kampfgruppe Commander campaign-game add'l development in hiatus Jeffrey Malter
5KGP.mdx KGP Mist track and American PF ctr. Obsolete - In normal VASL system
5KIA.mdx Corpses tab in draggable overlays window - Mark where they fell Replaces corpses.mdx Jeffrey Malter (see original zipfile)
5OTO.mdx HoB's Onslaught to Orsha counters in new tab in German & Russian tray
5OTOv51.mdx obsolete - use 5OTO.mdx
5OVH.mdx Riley's Road / OVHS Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5PBr.mdx Primosole Bridge Terrain Chart.
5PER.mdx 'Movement trail' ctrs for creating CG perimeters. Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5PER20.mdx 'Movement trail' ctrs for creating CG perimeters. Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5SMC.mdx Nameable SMC Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5SMCv51.mdx Nameable SMC Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5SV.mdx True-blue Swedish Volunteers Post on Gamesquad by CountermanCX
5TPM.mdx Turnphase Gearwheel Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
5TRN.mdx Terrain Chart tab in charts tray Jeffrey Malter
5VBM.mdx VBM-checker in Draggable Overlays Window experimental Jeffrey Malter
5VG.mdx MMP's Valor of the Guards Counters Still usable for the NKVD sq/hs, 8+1 Commissar, bombardment, fanatic strongpoint & pier interdict/destroyed counters (obsolete in 5.8.2). Jeffrey Malter
5ZRK.mdx contains the Zerk/Hero/Fanatic ctr-flags, i forget what this v5.4-era extension was supposed to do. does NOT replace Berserk.mdx
ACQ.mdx Acquisition counters for VASL4 Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
Aircraft52.mdx SMP Air Support counters to each nationality Replaces Aircraft5r1.mdx
Aircraft5r1.mdx Replaced by Aircraft52.mdx Should be replaced by new Aircraft52.mdx file but still works
AK2.mdx Afrika Corps 2 (Critical Hit) Extension. Version 2 of AK mdx. Replaces version 1. Pete Roberts
AKLos.mdx Afrika Corps 2 (Critical Hit) LOS Extension. Used when there are overlays on the AK boards. Pete Roberts
ArmouredPassenger_Tray.mdx Armoured Passenger Tray Button for Allied & Axis Passengers/Crew/Riders/AL - reports counter addition & movement
Berserk.mdx Creates a 'Berserk' tab for all Nationalities provides red-background SQ/HS/SMC counters
BFP.mdx counters for Bounding Fire Productions' modules, Operation Cobra & Blood and Jungle Jeffrey Malter
BICavesV2.mdx Adds the Blood and Iron preset cave Complexes to the draggable overlays Pete Roberts
ChapterD.mdx Charts for Chapter D Will Waller
chit_generator.mdx A-GG Button generates a letter that correspond to the hexrows of a board (For snowdrifts, drop points, etc.)
corpses.mdx Replaced by 5KIA.mdx Should be replaced by new 5KIA.mdx but still works zgrose
Counter_Index.mdx‎ This extension creates an HTML help file in VASL which lists, in alphabetical order, the information/system counters in VASL and their location from the counter menu. Extension for version 5.9.2 Wargamerx
CTCIIFT.mdx CT IIFT in Charts Button Obsolete - In normal VASL system
drag-over-ext1.mdx Ext tab in Draggable Overlays Window - Broken Terrain & Desert Overlay
FB.mdx Extension for Festung Budapest Tom Repetti
FWAO.mdx Extension for Critical Hit's First Wave at Omaha Pete Roberts
Kreta.mdx HoB's Operation Merkur counters in current British trays
MapInv.mdx Map Inventory Button - Find & Go To any Counter on the map Jeffrey Malter
obaFlowchart.mdx Button for step by step OBA player flowchart/aid
P-dice.mdx DR [alt-F2] & dr [alt-F1] Buttons - Same dice-roller as VASL but their results are formatted to report differently Jeffrey Malter (see original zipfile)
rangers.mdx CH's 7-3-7 U.S. Ranger Counter in American/Sq/Rangers tab
Rare Vehicles & Ordnance extension.mdx TOT & other variant counters in nationality trays Should be replaced by Rare_Vehicles&Ordnance.mdx but still works
Rare_Vehicles&Ordnance.mdx TOT & other variant counters in nationality trays update Replaces Rare Vehicles & Ordnance extension.mdx (See original zipfile)
RbF4.mdx HOB Recon by Fire #4 captured Russian tank variants in the German OB tray Jeffrey Malter (see original zipfile)
SASLost.mdx Random Location chits for RB & VG Jeffrey Malter
SecretDR.mdx Private DRs can be made public for later verification.
SF.mdx "HoB's Special Forces: LRDG & SAS ""SF"" Tab in British - Artwork Closer to HoB Counters & Includes SMC"
SpecialForces.mdx "HoB's Special Forces: LRDG & SAS ""SAS/LRDG"" tab in British tray"
SniperFinder.mdx Locate all sniper counters Brian Kemp
StN.mdx counters for LFT's St. Nazaire - Operation Chariot Benjamin Drieu ?
T34.mdx T34 tank image got inadvertently deleted from VASL v5.5 (this was a fix -- dont need it anymore) Obsolete - In normal VASL system Jeffrey Malter
TL.mdx Tyrants Lair extension adds a separate map window (Zoo Flak tower, The Reich Air Ministry, The Reichstag and the Fuhrer and Vor bunkers) Pete Roberts
Tournement.mdx For private notes.
Tray.mdx Button for an auxiliary 'mapboard' for storing counters
twister2.mdx Button for an alternative die roller Obsolete - same dice roller as VASL 5.8.1
VASL4.mdx Allows VASL5 to display VASL4 & early VASL5 counters Included with VASL download
VASL4_ext1.mdx Allows VASL5 to display VASL4 extensions ACQ, BRT, ER & IRS Jeffrey Malter
VASL4_ext2.mdx Allows VASL5 to open VASL4 extensions OBA, RBrb, roundhouse, TurnPhase & Sturmtiger Jeffrey Malter, Zoltan Grose & Gary Krockover
Walcheren.mdx A tab of counters for a playtest British seaborne invasion of Walcheren, Holland in the British & German trays Styrk H Finne
WebDice.mdx Button for an alternative die roller
WWI.mdx WW I tab in main counter tray for WWI Units & Fortifications ASL.NET (The Great_War 1914-18)