The Great War 1914-18

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Variant rules for playing WW I scenarios created by Dogan Ogreten. Rules are still in alpha version (v 0.1.1), but the scenarios are playable.

Future versions of the rules will include OBA missions, tanks and mining. The project has not released any updates on this for a couple of years. The main reason - according to the author - is the general lack of interest.

Some of you probably think that going over the top, running in a wire and getting chopped down by a machinegun is sort of boring...and it is. But if you take the time, you'll find that there are loads of interesting situations of the Great War that are just asking to be written as a fun ASL scenario. Moreover, ASL The Great War is also a first try at creating something that can show to us, wargamers, why things were done the way they were in 1914-18. Why such slaughter ? Why trenches ? Why the VASL dice bot F... me up ?

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  • Foreword
  • Classic ASL-Rules to be ignored
  • 1 Infantry and basic rules
  • 1.1 Platoons
  • 1.2 Combat Groups
  • 1.3 Platoon Leaders
  • 1.4 Movement
  • 1.5 Bayonet Charge
  • 1.6 Weapons of the Great War
  • 1.7 The French Garance trouser
  • 1.8 Trench armor
  • 1.9 Chemical warfare
  • 1.10 Close Combat
  • 1.11 Nationality Distinctions
  • 2 Terrain
  • 2.1 Deep Trenches
  • 2.2 Dugouts

Available Scenarios

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL TGW 1 Breakout 25/08/1914 French German
ASL TGW 2 The Fox's First Bite 29/01/1915 German French

VASL Extension

  • WWI Extension provided by ASL.NET with proper counters: Local Download.
  • File must be unzipped and placed in the extensions folder of VASL.


Original Link on (offline). ASL.NET provides Local Download.