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== Download ==
== Download ==
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[[Category:The General]]
[[Category:The General]]

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Vol.32 #3

Avalon Hill's General

Volume 32 Issue #12 (1998)


  • FEATURE: US Civil War
  • Contest 186 (Age of Renaissance)
  • SUCCESSORS Faction Cards, and pieces for Crescent Faction
  • 8 Wrasslin' Forms
  • Team cards for 1998 Men's/Women's Final Four (March Madness)
  • Curtis' Victory - Pea Ridge in A5A by C.Bahl
  • Civil War Battlefield Tactics in A5A - Knowing Your Arms by T.Boeche
  • The Battle Hym of the Republic - Union Strategy in THE CIVIL WAR by P.Walsh
  • A Fabian Strategy for THE CIVIL WAR - Southern Strategy by K.Kiconas
  • The Initial Turn of THE CIVIL WAR - Command Priorities by K.S.Reid
  • Glory Hallelujah! - A Beginner's Strategy Guide for GMT's GLORY by C.Bahl
  • Who Shuffled This Deck? - Improving Your Skill in ATLANTIC STORM by B.Knight
  • Series Replay - History of the World, Part 2 by G.Sauer, K.Good, B.Monnin, J.Mullet, J.O'Donnell, B.Reiff, M.Stanley
  • Series Replay - Successors, The Taking of Pella 1-2-3 by W.Glankler, M.Gnall, C.Cornaghie, M.Share, K.Duke
  • Sports Special - DYO Wrasslin' by D.Dolan
  • Saved by the Bell - Tournament Rules for TITLE BOUT by T.Coleman
  • Zone of Control
  • Chestnuts of Iron - The Defense of Luga (Scenario W) by J.Stahler


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G 46 Triumph Atop Taraldsvikfjell 28/05/1940 Norwegian / French German
ASL Scenario W The Defense of Luga 19/07/1941 Russian German


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