The General 30.4

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The General vol 30 no 4.jpeg
The General Vol. 30 No. 4

The General Volume 30 Number 4 was published by Avalon Hill in 1996.


  • The Sun Never Sleeps A Strategic Analysis of COLONIAL DIPLOMACY by Peter Hawes
  • In The Colonial Stew Hot Spots in COLONIAL DIPLOMACY by Greg McCaskill
  • Analyzing The Neutrals In COLONIAL DIPLOMACY by Peter Breyder
  • The Panzer Leader At Arracourt (Part II) Analysis of Situation 28-4/2 Ommerey by Steven B. Wheeler
  • All Kingdoms Great & Small HISTORY OF THE WORLD Migrants and Kingdoms
  • Easy PBEM FC2 Across The Internet For PC Users Tips About On-line File Transfers by Mike McMain
  • Series Replay - STALINGRAD (for PC) by Michael McMain, Vince Alonso and Michael Dwyer
  • Staff Briefing An Interview with Mark Simonitch by Stuart K. Tucker
  • A Day At The Races Sports Special on WIN, PLACE & SHOW by Stuart K. Tucker
  • ASL Crossfire: The Kiwi's Attack DASL Scenario B by Robert Benzoic and Rich Summers
  • 1995 AvalonCon Report The Saga Continues by Bruce Monnin
  • We Need To Talk A Preview of 1995 MACHIAVELLI by Ben Knight
  • Sun Tzu And The Art Of War Ancient Wisdom for DIPLOMACY by Tim Hoyt


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G29 Shoot-N-Scoot 18/12/1944 American German
ASL Scenario G30 Morgan's Stand 11/09/1944 German American