The General 30.3

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The General vol 30 no 3.jpeg
The General Vol. 30 No. 3

The General Volume 30 Number 3 was published by Avalon Hill in 1995. This issue contained replacements for the overlays in ASL Annual 95.


  • Paths To Glory Strategy in the Campaign Game of ROADS TO GETTYSBURG by Steven Katz
  • Scenario 6 In ROADS TO GETTYSBURG "Official" Rule Changes by Joseph M. Balkoski
  • A Fine Red Line Soviet Strategy in ADVANCED THIRD REICH by Patrick Mel White
  • The Fifth Time Is A Charm The 1995 AvalonCon Report (Days Wednesday and Thursday) by Bruce Monnin
  • The Rhetoric Of Games Rolling 4 Dice in the Impulse Game Systems by Ron Fedin
  • American Eagles An Historical Look at US Paratroopers in ASL by Steven C. Swann
  • Great Campaigns: Second Impressions A Second Look at the Civil War Series by John Bolash
  • Which Way Did They Go? Adding the "Fog of War" to the Civil War Series by Patrick Hirtle
  • Series Replay - MAHARAJAH (Part 2) The Colonial Powers Arrive in India by Rick Koltz, Pete Stavish, Alton Grunich, Walt Keelin and Charles Bahl
  • Jackson's March A Look at Confederate Strategy in STONEWALL JACKSON'S WAY by Forrest Speck and Ray Rooks
  • The Panzer Leader At Arracourt (Part I) Analysis of Situation 28-4/1 Leery: The Germans Attack by Steven B. Wheeler
  • The "Score" On HISTORY OF THE WORLD Tournament Scoresheet for GameMasters by Keith H. Levy
  • The Persistence Of Culture Adding Cultural Event Cards to HISTORY OF THE WORLD by Charles Bahl
  • Tournament Champs The '95 A-Con Winners
  • Rejoice In Thy Youth! The Juniors Tournament Report by Robert Waters and Bruce Monnin


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario G28 Ramsey's Charge 16/01/1942 American Japanese