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Tactiques 9

Tactiques, Le magazine des fanatiques d'ASL

Issue #9 (December 1995) - 51 pages


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  • Tactiques


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario Tac67 Deterrez Les! (Dig Them Out!) 07/08/1939 Russian Japanese
ASL Scenario Tac68 Le mont Akayama (Mount Akayama) 18/08/1939 Japanese Russian
ASL Scenario Tac69 BattanbangBang (Battam Bang Bang) 16/01/1941 French Cambodian
ASL Scenario Tac70 Brise-Lames (Breakwater) 17/02/1942 Russian German
ASL Scenario Tac71 Turminus Sened (Last Stop Sened) 24/01/1943 American Italian / German
ASL Scenario Tac72 Engagement Pour Une Tour (Combat for a Tower) 20/07/1944 German Partisan (FFI)
ASL Scenario Tac73 La Maison de Himmler (Himler's House) 29/04/1945 Russian German (SS)
ASL Scenario Tac74 Drapeau Rouge (Red Flag) 30/04/1945 Russian German (SS)
ASL Scenario Tac PBDYO 3 Baintsagan 03/07/1939 Russian Japanese
ASL Scenario Tac PBDYO 4 Le Lycee Technique (The Technical College) 01/05/1945 Polish German


Not available for download. The individual scenarios have been translated by the Coastal Fortress Gaming Group and made available for download.