Tactiques 4

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Tactiques 4

Tactiques, Le magazine des fanatiques d'ASL

Issue #4 (June 1993) - 47 pages


  • Dossier: Les tirailleurs senegalais dans l'armee francaise en 1940
  • Documents: Bir Hakeim
  • Tactiques


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario Tac31 Par Saint Georges! (By Saint George!) 13/05/1940 German French
ASL Scenario Tac32 Contre-Attaque à Connage (Counterattack at Connage) 14/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario Tac33 Carre D'As (Four Aces) 15/05/1940 German French
ASL Scenario Tac34 Thulin Doit Etre Pris! (Thulin Must Be Taken!) 23/05/1940 German French
ASL Scenario Tac35 Envers et Contre Tous (Against the Whole World) 06/06/1942 German / Italian Free French
ASL Scenario Tac36 La Mort Vient Du Ciel (Death From the Sky) 25/05/1944 German (SS) Yugoslav
ASL Scenario Tac37 Chaud! Chaud les Buron! (Chestnuts! Hot Chestnuts!) 08/07/1944 British German (SS)
ASL Scenario Tac38 Whoa Mohammed! 19/09/1944 German (SS) British


Not available for download. The individual scenarios have been translated by the Coastal Fortress Gaming Group and made available for download.