Stand Fast the Guards

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Stand Fast the Guards

Publication: ASL Annual '90, For King and Country
Location: Boulogne, France
Scenario Date: 23 May 1940
# of Turns: 7.5
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 6, 11, 17
Attacker: German
Defender: British


An epic of disastrous proportions was looming for the BEF as the panzers neared the French Channel ports. If they fell, the BEF would be bereft of supplies – and evacuation. To Boulogne was shipped the 20th Guards Brigade. During the night of May 22nd, the Germans completed the encirclement of the port. At 0730, the whirlwind struck the Irish Guards. . .


Victory Conditions

The German must eliminate British units or exit units


Errata (A15)

  • In SSR 2 delete "and one AT Gun (and its crew)"
  • In SSR 4, change "dr" to "DR"
  • Replace British balance with "SSR 4 and 5 are NA"
  • Replace German balance with "In SSR 3 replace "DR" with "dr""



After Action Reports