Special Ops 5

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Special Ops 5.jpeg
Special Ops 5

Special Ops Issue 5 was published by MMP in 2014.


  • Perhaps You Need More Guidance An "Angola!" Strategy Guide by Marty Sample
  • Lincoln, Whistling Dixie An Introduction to Lincoln's War by John Poniske
  • ASL Nippon Panzerfaust: A Guide to Using Tank Hunters and DC Heroes Effectively by Roger D. Foss
  • Giap Demands Success Breaking the Forts and Vietnamese Card Play in SoDBP by Brian Youse
  • Last Chance For Victory A Few Thoughts by Dean Essig
  • Welcome To The Freak Show OOB Notes for "It Never Snows" by Carl Fung
  • 2 Bushy Run maps
  • 1 Bushy Run counter sheet
  • 1 unmounted map (68)


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario O9 Behind in the Count 04/10/1944 American German
ASL Scenario O10 City on the Edge 08/10/1944 German American
ASLSK Scenario S56 In Pursuit of the French 15/06/1940 French German
ASLSK Scenario S57 Haase to Hold On 25/02/1942 Russian German