Ramsey's Charge

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Ramsey's Charge

Scenario G28.jpg
Publication: ASL Union of Gamers Newsletter, The General 30.3, Rising Sun
Location: Morong, The Philippines
Scenario Date: 16 January 1942
# of Turns: 7
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 35, 40
Board G28.jpg
Attacker: American
Defender: Japanese


The village of Morong, situated on a good river defensive line, had been inexplicably abandoned by the Philippine 1st Division. An advance guard was needed to reconnoiter and secure the town. The task fell to the ragged troopers and bony horses of the 26th Cavalry.


Victory Conditions

The Americans win if they control hexes 35oJ8 and 40Q1 at game end.


Errata (G28)

  • In the American OB, add a 6-6-7, LMG, and Horse counter to the reinforcements MMP



After Action Reports