...and Here We Damned Well Stay

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...and Here We Damned Well Stay

Publication: ASL Annual '92
Location: El Alamein, Egypt
Scenario Date: 27 October 1942
# of Turns: 5
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 27, 28
Attacker: German
Defender: British


In an ill-organized night attack during Operation Lightfoot, a battalion of the British 7th Motor Brigade had thrust forward to seize a German-held position. However, unaware that their maps were faulty, the men and carriers advanced along an incorrect compass bearing, halting in a shallow, sandy area a half-mile south of their objective. There they dug in for all-around defense, while with great difficulty their 6-pounder AT guns were brought up through the soft sand. Just before dawn, as nearby Axis tank formations, unaware of the British presence, began moving to their battle positions for the coming day, they were suddenly met by the sharp crack of 6pdrs at point-blank range.


Victory Conditions

The German must have tanks east of hexrow U





  • And Here We Damned Well Played: The Playtest of Scenario A50 in ASL Annual '92

After Action Reports