Rattle of Sabres

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Rattle of Sabers

File:Scenario A46.jpg
Publication: ASL Annual '92, Doomed Battalions
Location: Mlawa, Poland
Scenario Date: 2 September 1939
# of Turns: 7
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 5, 32
Attacker: German
Defender: Pole




Victory Conditions

The German must exit units or eliminate Polish units


Errata (A46)

  • In VC, Prisoners are NA for Exit VP, and required CVP are lowered from 12 to 8.
  • Polish forces are split into 3 groups. Three 4-5-8s & horse counters, 8-1, MMG, & two ATRs set up HIP (if in Concealment Terrain) on/west of hexrow U. Seven 4-5-8s & horse counters & 9-2 enter Mounted on Turn 1 along west edge having expended 6 MF. Four 4-5-8s & horse counters & 8-0 enter on Turn 2 along west edge having expended 6 MF.
  • Add a fourth LMG to German OB
  • Replace SSR 2 and SSR 3 with the following and add SSR 5:

2. The Polish player may elect to forego setting up on board any SW and 1 squad (and Horse counter), and instead enter the SW and 2 squads (and Horse counters) with the Turn 2 reinforcements. 3. German units must enter Mounted. German MMG must enter possessed by a crew, cannot be transferred among Cavalry, and require the possessing unit to spend ALL MF to (dis)mount. 5. Polish Elite and 1st Line squads have Assault Fire (A7.36) capability.

  • Replace Balances with:

Polish: Add a 4-5-8 to the Polish on-board force German: Extend the game length to 7-1/2 turns MMP



After Action Reports