Ad Hoc at Beaurains

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Ad Hoc at Beaurains

Scenario A40.jpg
Publication: ASL Annual '92, For King and Country
Location: Beaurains, France
Scenario Date: 21 May 1940
# of Turns: 16
# of Maps: 4
Maps Used: 3, 4, 5, 6
Attacker: British
Defender: German


Quite unexpectedly, the British launched a major counterattack from Arras against the extended spearheads of Rommel’s breakthrough. The Germans were able to stop the foot soldiers but the British armor pushed on unsupported – deep into the German lines. Desperate, Rommel used elements of the nearby 6th Motorized Rifle Brigade and any guns he could commandeer to throw together a makeshift defense outside the village of Beaurains.


Victory Conditions

The British must exit units and/or eliminate German units


Errata (A40)

  • In Victory Conditions replace "35 VP" with "30 VP" MMP



After Action Reports