Retaking Vierville

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Retaking Vierville


Publication: MMP: ASL Starter Kit 1
Location: Vierville, France
Scenario Date: 07/06/1944
# of Turns: 5
# of Maps: 1
Maps Used: y
Attacker: German
Defender: American


On D+1, most of the 5th Battalion remained in and around Vierville, mopping up German resistance and defending the beachhead against counterattacks. Two companies, "C" and "D", were part of an Infantry and Tank task force attacking toward Grandcamp-les-Bains. This force advanced through the German defenses to a point about a mile past Point du Huc when heavy artillery fire and extensive anti-tank defenses drove it back to St. Pierre du Mont, just short of the Pointe. When the tanks were recalled to Vierville to help defend the beachhead for the night, the task force dug in at St. Pierre, sending out patrols that were able to contact the forces at Pointe du Huc.

Source: Website Army Rangers

Versions History

Victory Conditions

The Americans start with a few troops in the center of the town. Each side receives the first three turns reinforcements to gain control of 4 stone buildings. The Americans win if those buildings contain no good order enemy squads at game end.






After Action Report


  • Board configuration and initial forces on Original link