Mount Pissoderi

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Mount Pissadori

Publication: ASL Union of Gamers 7
Location: Mount Pissoderi, Albania
Scenario Date: 02/11/1940
# of Turns: 6
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 02, 09
Attacker: Greek
Defender: Italian


On 28 October 1940, the Italians invaded Greece in what Mussolini hoped would be the first of many Italian blitzkriegs for the new "Roman Empire". The Greek Army, outnumbered and poorly equipped, demonstrated an outstanding fighting spirit, and managed to hold all Italian gains to a minimum. Greek forces counterattacked in the Koritsa area with the objective of taking Mount Pissoderi.

Versions History

Victory Conditions

The last side to control hex 9O5 is the winner.







After Action Report