Morgan's Stand

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Morgan's Stand

Scenario G30.jpg
Publication: ASL Union of Gamers Newsletter, The General 30.4
Location: Bar-le-Duc, France
Scenario Date: 11 September 1944
# of Turns: 7
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 7, 10
Board G30.jpg
Attacker: German
Defender: American


Lt. Allen Morgan's 2nd Platoon had orders to hold an important crossroads west of the Moselle River. On September 10th the Germans counterattacked the junction, but were repulsed in a furious fight, falling back to the village of Bar-le-Duc with Lt. Morgan's unit in close pursuit. Morgan's audacity captured the village, but only after suffering heavy casualties. With the prospects of reinforcement slim for at least two days, Morgan could muster only seventy-one men and two tanks -- low on ammunition -- for the defense of the village, and he knew that the Germans would be back.


Victory Conditions

The Germans win if there are no unbroken American MMC on board 10 at game end, or if they control 7AA5 at game end.



  • After "GERMAN Moves First" add: [0]
  • The die roll in SSR 3 must be less than or equal to the circled number on the Turn Record Chart




After Action Reports