Mila 18

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Mila 18

Publication: Avalon Hill: ASL 1 - Beyond Valor
Location: the Warsaw Ghetto, Poland
Scenario Date: 18/01/1943
# of Turns: 8.5
# of Maps: 1
Maps Used: 20
Attacker: German (SS)
Defender: Partisan (ZOB)


Starting in 1940, the Nazis began concentrating Poland's population of over 3 million Jews in a number of extremely overcrowded ghettos in various Polish cities. The largest of these, the Warsaw Ghetto, held 380,000 people in a densely-packed area in the middle of the city. Thousands of Jews died due to rampant disease or starvation even before the Nazis began massive deportations of the Jews from the ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp. In the 52 days before September 12, 1942, about 300,000 Ghetto residents were sent to the extermination camps and killed.

At the start of the deportations, members of the Jewish resistance movement met, but decided not to fight, believing that the Jews were really being sent to labor camps rather than to their death. By the end of 1942, it was clear that the deportations were to death camps, and many of the remaining Jews decided to fight.

On January 18, 1943, the first instance of armed insurgency occurred when the Germans started the second expulsion of the Jews. The expulsion stopped after four days and the ŻOB and ŻZW insurgent organizations took control of the Ghetto, building dozens of fighting posts and killing Jews they considered to be Nazi collaborators, including Jewish police officers and Gestapo agents.

Source: Wikipedia

Victory Conditions

The German player can choose to earn twice as many Casualty Points (A26.2) or mop up (A12.153) most of the buildings in the setup area of the ZOB player. Furthermore Sewer movement (B8.4) and MOL (A22.6) are in effect for te ZOB, but they suffer from Ammo Shortage (A19.131).

Other interesting SSR are in effect to recreate the historical situation (fortified building (B23.91), rooftop movement (B23.8) and recovery of enemy weapons)


50% - 50%


  • The German must perform the Mopping Up procedure in a building in order to claim it for Victory Condition purposes, even if they Control all of its Locations. {96}


None yet

After Action Report


None yet


Not available for download