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What is ASL.NET?

Help, policies and guidelines

The Avalon Hill Game Company themselves described ASL in their 1996 catalogue as:

Our crowning achievement, and the ultimate wargame. No other can match its combination of beauty, detail and excitement. ASL is a system based on the original Squad Leader game, but revised and expanded so that ultimately a player can simulate any company or battalion-level ground action in any theater of WWII. Playing pieces (counters) represent squads, half-squads and crews, plus individual leaders, heroes, vehicles and guns. Each ASL module contains eight or more carefully balanced, historically based scenarios -- but players can also design their own using the 40+ geomorphic SL/ASL mapboards, numerous terrain overlays, copious historical notes, and thousands of counters depicting virtually every vehicle, gun and troop type in action during the war by every major and minor combatant nation.

We started the ASL.NET Site for all those gamers, who have learned to love the game. Who have played, replayed, learned and relearned. Some even tried their own scenario, their own program and wrote down some AAR's and analysis. It is clear that the ASL game (and community) has grown during the years, but time is not always on our side. How many times have we clicked on the weblink only to find that once so great site dead? During the years people have come and left again and their deeds and knowledge seems lost forever.

The ASL.NET Site will dedicate itself to preserve all that precious information. Handmade scenario's, AAR's, well written thoughts and clarifications of the rules :-), magazines, ... in short, everything that could be useful to other fellow ASL-gamers. We provide a place to upload all your ASL-stuff, in ready-to-print PDF-format and all files that arent available anymore or that one day wont anymore. But We Will Remember !

The ASL.NET Site is by no means a replacement for other great ASL-sites. We focus on providing information and explanation on every aspect of the ASL system. Please read our guideline on how to collaborate here. We want you, soldier !

Furthermore we want to make it easier for players to have access to everything available online.

The ASL.NET Team

So why an ASL Wiki? As you're going through looking for information, if you see something that's incorrect, you can correct it. If you see any information that's missing, you can add it. This way, the information here should be as exact as possible, instead of having to wait for a small group of people to update the information as the world changes. The more people that use the ASL.NET Site, the more complete the information will be!

Create an account, and check out the help pages for information on how to get started with editing pages.

Advanced Squad Leader is a trademark of Avalon Hill Games, Inc., a Hasbro affiliate. Any copyrights infringments should be reported asap to your platoon squad leader (mail to!
VASL Artwork used with permisson of Rodney Kinney.

We started on the 8th of may 2007 and have 2,337 articles.