Hart Attack (ASLUG)

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Hart Attack

Scenario ASLUG 7.jpg
Publication: ASL Union of Gamers 4
Location: Djedeida, Tunisia
Scenario Date: 28/11/1942
# of Turns: 7,5
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 10, 11, 17, 35
Board ASLUG 7.jpg
Attacker: British / American
Defender: German


A German-held airfield just east of Djedeida – a mere dozen miles from Tunis – had suffered the ignominious distinction of being overrun by a reconnoitering company of American light tanks. The Americans, however, lacking orders and infantry to hold the airfield, had left it to the Germans upon their withdrawal. Three days later, the mixed British and American battlegroup known as “Hart Force” was tasked with capturing the holding Djedeida and its accompanying airfield. Likewise, the German paratroopers of Kampfgruppe Witzig had orders to avoid the embarrassment of the earlier engagement. With British infantry riding American M3 Lee tanks, the attack began in the early afternoon following a morning of reconnaissance on the objective.

Versions History

Victory Conditions

The Allies win if they control all stone building Locations within 6 hexes (inclusive) of 10Y5 at game end, provided they do not lose 50 or more Casualty VP.







After Action Report