Front Line Dispatch 1.1

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Officious Newsletter of the Poor Man’s ASL Club

Issue #1.1 (October 2003) - 7 pages


Theme: Light Anti-Tank Weapons

  • Rally Phase
  • Assault Phase: The Bazooka in ASL (C13.4)
  • Panzerschrecks (PSK) In ASL (C13.5)
  • Light Anti-Tank Weapons in WWII
  • Panzerfaust? A Definite Maybe! (C13.3)
  • Here’s your rifle, now go take out that tank!
  • Say ole chap, have you a PIAT? (C13.6)
  • On the Range. An LATW Tutorial (C13)
  • An Example and A Warning
  • From the Rulebook…


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