Critical Hit 3

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Critical Hit Issue No. 3

Critical Hit Issue No. 3 was published by Critical Hit in 1994.


  • History—China-Burma-India: L.R.P.G.: Chindits and the Long Range Penetration Groups described in ASL terms by Steven Swann
  • Variant—Playing for Time Playing ASL with a chess clock to speed things up by J. R. Tracy
  • Strategy—Ambush at Dusk More tactical mind expansion from the professionals by Major John F. Schmitt, USMC
  • Scenario Replay—Block by Bloody Block The designers play and provide a first hand look by Ed Zeman and Francis Hardman
  • Retrospective—ASLOK: The First Decade Mr. Nixon must have been taking notes all along by Mark Nixon
  • History—Blood and Thunder Our friends from Down Under give us more historical insight by David Longworth
  • Play Aid—OBA Flow Chart "The Professor" takes us through the maze graphically by Brian Sielski, Ph. D.
  • Tips—The Citadel Those East-Front nuts give us tips and a view from the StuG driver by Robinson & Ruta


Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario CH26 Close Order Driel 22/09/1944 German Allied
ASL Scenario CH27 Fix Bayonets! 23/03/1944 Allied Japanese
ASL Scenario CH28 Children of the Kunai 18/01/1942 Australian Japanese
DASL Scenario CH29 Gift Wrapped 15/07/1944 American German
ASL Scenario CH30 Kravchenko's 6th Guards Tank Army 20/08/1945 Russian Japanese
ASL Scenario CH31 First and Goal 02/02/1944 American German
ASL Scenario CH32 The Kibbutz 07/06/1948 Egyptian Israeli
ASL Scenario CH33 At the Point 10/10/1941 German Russian
ASL Scenario CH34 The Lighthouse 17/10/1944 American Japanese
ASL Scenario CH35 Obong-Ni 17/08/1950 North Korean American
ASL Scenario CH36 Saving the Breakout 07/08/1944 German American
ASL Scenario CH37 Forgotten Years 02/03/1936 Italian Ethiopian
ASL Scenario CH38 Orange Beach 3 15/09/1944 American Japanese
ASL Scenario CH39 Bedja Blockade 21/11/1942 Italian Free French
PL Scenario PLF Arakian Rose 12-13/01/1945 British Japanese
ASL Scenario CH40 Nordic Twilight 02/01/1940 Finn Russian