Conscripts! 6

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The Newsletter of the DC Conscripts ASL Club

Issue #6 (January, 2005) - 16 pages


  • Words from the Conscript-in-Charge by John Slotwinski
  • Commissar’s Corner by Chris Baer
  • Ten Questions with a Conscript: Doug Bush
  • Scenario Analysis: U12 - Riposte (Scenario U 12) by Joe Jackson
  • Scenario Analysis: MM98 I - Sacrificial Lambs (Scenario MM98 1) by Bill Stoppel
  • Sidebar: Rolling Down the Highway... Or Not by John Slotwinski
  • On Exactitude and Skulking by Matt Kirschenbaum
  • Learning the Game...Covered Arcs (CA) (C3.2) by Bill Kohler


Original Link on DCConscripts website and Local Download.