Conscripts! 3

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The Newsletter of the DC Conscripts ASL Club

Issue #3 (January, 2002) - 14 pages


  • It's My Party by Tom Meier
  • Tips for Learning to Play ASL by John Slotwinski
  • Some Basic Terms
  • AAR: Italian Brothers (Scenario A 72) by Matt Deuber
  • Pointers for Combined-Arms Play in ASL by John Slotwinski
  • Ten Questions with a Conscript: Chris Baer
  • Planning 101: A Problem Solving Approach to ASL by Doug Bush
  • SALSA II is Released by Robert Delwood
  • Assault Fire Quiz by John Slotwinski
  • Commissar's Corner by Chris Baer
  • And Now a Word From Our Sponsors
  • Next Meeting
  • Tuning The Tables by Bill Kohler
  • AAR: Panzers to the Rescue (Scenario KE 4) by Bill Pittman
  • Club Meetings
  • Our Humble Club Ladder
  • Answers to Assault Fire Quiz
  • The DC Conscript's Hymn
  • Web References
  • Next Issue
  • From Our Friends in VA


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