COW September 1940

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Chronology Of War Main Jul 1940 Aug 1940 Sep 1940 Oct 1940 Nov 1940 Dec 1940

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL DE1 A Mortifying Proposition: The Vicar's Lunch 01/09/1940 German British England ASL Digest 6.02
ASL CH113 Graziani's Advance 13/09/1940 Italian British Coastal Road, east of Sollum, Egypt "Special Edition: Operation Compass & Wavell's 30,000"
ASL BB 1.1 874 16/09/1940 German British / Polish Hythe, England Coastal Fortress Gamers Group Online Scenario
ASL ASL News 42 Welcome To Vietnam 24/09/1940 Japanese French Na Cham Fort, Indochina ASL News Pack 1 (Euro-Pack 1: European Designers)
ASL J90 The Time of Humiliations 24/09/1940 Japanese French Mai Pha, south of Langson, French Indochina ASL Journal 6
ASL J69 The Army at the Edge of the World 25/09/1940 Japanese French Na Cham Border Post, Indochina ASL Journal 4
ASL FT 98 And Then They Landed 26/09/1940 Japanese French Dong Tac, southwest of Do Son, Indochina Le Franc Tireur 11: France 1940