COW October 1943

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL CDN11 Monty's Mountain Goats 01/10/1943 Canadian German Motta Montecorvino, Italy Canadians in Italy 2: The Spaghetti League
ASL LSSAH30 Swept Clean 02/10/1943 German (SS) Partisan (AVNOJ) Istria Peninsula, Yugoslavia Leibstandarte Pack 4: Turning of the Tide!
ASL HP31 Operation Eisbar 03/10/1943 German British Antimachia, Kos Island, Greece Hero Pax 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations
ASL ? New Allies 03/10/1943 British German Kos Island, Greece Special Edition 5
ASL DB064 The Brickworks Series #1: Commandos Hold Fast 05/10/1943 German British Outside Termoli, Italy Dispatches from the Bunker 26
ASL J108 Danica Air 06/10/1943 Partisan Croatian Koprivnica, Croatia ASL Journal 7
ASL HR1 Wotan-Stellung 11/10/1943 Russian German West-Northwest of Tokmak, Russia ASL Digest 6.04
ASL AP68 Odd Angry Shot 12/10/1943 Australian Japanese Finisterre Range, New Guinea Action Pack 7
ASL SP 8 The Getaway 15/10/1943 German Russian North of Kiev, Russia Schwerpunkt 1
ASL DB-5 Fateful Monday 18/10/1943 German Russian East of Krivoi Rog, Russia Bradbury, David C.
ASL JA-18 Kukai 19/10/1943 American German Alife, Italy Allen, Jeffrey T.
ASL FT 73 The Adriatic Pirates 21/10/1943 Partisan Ustashi / German (SS) Mila, Brac Island, Yugoslavia From the Cellar Pack 2
ASL Leatherneck 2 Hell's Corner 23/10/1943 Japanese American (USMC) Matanikau River, west of Henderson Field, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands Leatherneck 1
ASL JS11 Te' Kiwi Sunrise 27/10/1943 New Zealand Japanese Mono Island, Treasury Islands Shields, Jeffrey
ASL CH165 Russian Riposte 27/10/1943 Russian German Krivoi Rog, Russia Critical Hit 7.1