COW May 1942

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL ESG30 Mindanao Mop Up 02/05/1942 Japanese Philippine Bacolod, Mindanao, The Philippines Dezign Pak 3
ASL RPIII 4 Saving Managascar 05/05/1942 British Vichy French Near Antsirane, Managascar Rout Pak III
ASL 68 The Rock 06/05/1942 Japanese American (USMC) Corregidor, the Philippine Islands ASL Module 9: Gung Ho!
ASL SP144 One More Day of Freedom 06/05/1942 Japanese American (USMC) Corregidor Island, the Philippine Islands Schwerpunkt 12
ASL CH153 End of the Line 10/05/1942 Japanese British / Gurkha Schwegyin, Burma Critical Hit 6.4
ASL SP 80 Die Gurkha Die! 10/05/1942 Japanese Gurkha Sittang, Burma Schwerpunkt 7
ASL Scenario 2 Minedog! 12/05/1942 Romanian Russian Near Ak-Monay, Kerch Peninsular, Crimea Rate of Fire 17 Online
ASLSK RPT12 Retreat From Bairik 12/05/1942 Russian German Bairak, Russia Rally Point 2: Starter Kit Special Study
ASL MP12 A Worthy Adversary 14/05/1942 German Russian Nepokrytaia, Russia Melee Pack II
ASL PBP4 Driven to the Bottle 16/05/1942 German Russian Karlovka, Russia Paddington Bears Pack
ASL OST5 Food For An Army 17/05/1942 Russian German Northeast of Kharkov, Russia Ost Front Pack
ASL NOWS Con 1 Prelude To Fall Blau 17/05/1942 German Russian Kromatorsk area, Russia On All Fronts 63
ASL Stavka 2B Spoils of War 25/05/1942 Russian German Near Barvenkovo, Ukraine Scenario File 1
ASL ASLUG 8 Desert Citadel 27/05/1942 Italian Free French Bir Hacheim, Libya ASL Union of Gamers 4
ASL KE 3 Disengagement Under Fire 27/05/1942 German British East of Bir Hacheim, Libya March Madness '97 Pack
ASL TOT34 Parry and Riposte 27/05/1942 German British Southwest of El Adem, Libya Time On Target 3
ASL SFS6 Bonfires At Bir Hakeim 27/05/1942 Italian Free French Bir Hakeim, Libya L.A. Tournament Scenario