COW June 1943

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL P1 The Duel 01/06/1943 German Russian Somewhere in Russia ASL Digest 2.09
ASL PBP23 Panzerkeil 05/06/1943 German (SS) Russian West of Luchki, Russia Paddington Bears Pack 3
DASL CH164 Cry of the Valkyries 05/06/1943 German Russian Cherkasskoye, Russia Critical Hit 7.1
ASL ? Due Cappuccino 10/06/1943 American Italian Casa del Priolo, Sicily, Italy DYO
ASL SK2 Toward the Sound of Guns 11/06/1943 German American Bizzi Ridge, Sicily, Italy Skirmishes!
ASL CDN1 Monty's Big Left Hook 15/06/1943 Canadian German Grammichele, Sicily, Italy Canadians in Italy 1: The Red Patch Devils in Sunny Sicily, Italy
ASL HP16 The Mud Rats 17/06/1943 German Russian Novorossisk, Kuban Estuary, Russia Hero Pax 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
ASL Main 02 Lababia Ridge 21/06/1943 Australian Japanese Wandumi, near Wau, Papua, New Guinea CanCon Tournament Scenario 2006
ASL LEG1 ? 25/06/1943 German Russian South of Roslavl, Russia Legend 1
ASL WP 2 Attack On the Partisan Headquarters 26/06/1943 German Partisan Daliki, Russia Winpak 1
ASL A48 Best-Laid Plans 27/06/1943 German Partisan (ELAS) Leskovic, Albania ASL Annual '92
ASL FT 72 Catcher Caught 27/06/1943 German Partisan (EDES) Leskovicz, Albania From the Cellar Pack 2
ASL SP 1 Raiders At Regi 29/06/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Regi, New Georgia, Solomon Islands Schwerpunkt 1
ASL SX3 Raider Ridge 29/06/1943 American (USMC) Japanese Choi River, New Georgia Southern Cross Scenario Pack '96
ASL V15 The Eagle Has Landed 30/06/1943 Americans Raiders Sodbury by the Sea, England View From The Trenches 24