COW June 1940

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL AP-CG-I Storming the Bridges 01/06/1940 French German Along the Somme, France Achtung! Panzer!
ASL U21 The French Perimeter 02/06/1940 French German Spyckar, Outside Dunkirk, France Turning the Tide
ASL 79 Bridge of the Seven Planets 03/06/1940 German French Les Sept-Planetes, France ASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre
ASL FT54 The Wisps Come and Go 04/06/1940 German British / French Menil 3 Fetus Farm, France From the Cellar Pack 1
ASL A64 Chateau de Quesnoy 05/06/1940 German French Near Conde-Folie, France ASL Annual '93b
ASL 77 Le Herisson 05/06/1940 German French Hangest, France ASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre
ASL FT94 Here Stands the Legion! 05/06/1940 German French Village of Marchelpot, south of Peronne, France Le Franc Tireur 11: France 1940
ASL FT95 Raining Bullets 05/06/1940 German French On the Ailette Canal, near Pont St. Mard, France Le Franc Tireur 11: France 1940
ASL FT69 Durs a Cuire 06/06/1940 French German D175, Poix/Thieulloy-l'Abbaye crossroad, France From the Cellar Pack 2
ASL O121.1 The Cork Defense 08/06/1940 German French Boos, France On All Fronts 121
ASL PK15.1 To the Bitter End 10/06/1940 German French Juniville, France Coastal Fortress Gamers Group Online Scenario
DASL DB029 Brasching the British 10/06/1940 British German Tilly, France Dispatches from the Bunker 14
ASL FE39 Misfortune 11/06/1940 German British St. Valery en Caux, France Fanatic Pack 3
ASL DB001 Brasche Encounter 11/06/1940 German French Homyly, France Dispatches From the Bunker 1
ASL CH109 Frontier Raid 12/06/1940 British Italian Frontier Post, Libyan-Egyptian Border Critical Hit
ASL CH110 Starlight, Starbright 12/06/1940 British Italian 02:00 hours, Near Fort Maddalena, Libya Critical Hit
ASL AGS2 Touché 12/06/1940 French German Bjerkvik, Norway Rate of Fire 9
ASL PBP13 Marked for Death 13/06/1940 German French Near Romilly-sur-Seine, France Paddington Bears Pack 2
ASLSK S56 In Pursuit of the French 15/06/1940 French German Near Paris, France Special Ops 5
ASL A61 Across the Wire 16/06/1940 British Italian Near Nezvet Ghirba, Libya ASL Annual '93b
ASL CH111 The Battle of Ghirba 16/06/1940 British Italian Ghirba, Libya Critical Hit
DASL ESG7 Backstab 17/06/1940 Italian French Moncenisio Region, Southern France Dezign Pak 1
DASL NEWS50 The Grain of Sand 18/06/1940 German French Martinvast, south of Cherbourg, France ASL News 27
HASL FT99 The Doomed Tirailleurs 19/06/1940 German (SS) French L’Arbresle, near Lyon, France From the Cellar Pack 3
ASL GD4 The Road to Lyon 19/06/1940 German French Neuville-sur-Seine, France Grossdeutschland Pack 1: The Early Years
ASL LSSAH6 Hurry Up! 19/06/1940 German (SS) French St. Poursain, France Leibstandarte Pack 1: Blitzkrieg!
ASL 78 Encounter at Cornimont 20/06/1940 German French Cornimont, France ASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre
ASL 82 For Honor Alone 20/06/1940 German French Saumer, France ASL Module 10: Croix de Guerre
ASL FT96 Rassenkampf 20/06/1940 German (SS) French Lentilly, France Le Franc Tireur 11: France 1940
ASL C1995.3 French Stick 20/06/1940 ? ? Near Nice, France CanCon Tournament
ASL TH5 The Hand that Holds the Dagger 21/06/1940 Italian French Modane, France Hundsdorfer, Tim
ASL FT09 Verrou Alpin 21/06/1940 Italian French La Thuile, Maurienne, France Le Franc Tireur 3
ASL HP35 A Hollow Victory 21/06/1940 Italian French Mentone, France Hero Pax 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations
ASL RGC1 Mussolini Makes His Move 22/06/1940 Italian French North of Laniesbourg, Franco-Italian Border DYO
ASL HG6 Corniche Game 22/06/1940 Italian French Mentone, Southern France High Ground
ASL FT97 Rout on the Riviera 23/06/1940 Italian French Cap-Martin Stronghold, west of Menton, France Le Franc Tireur 11: France 1940
ASL NEWS67 Their Darkest Hour 30/06/1940 German British Guestling Green, East Sussex, England ASL News 31