COW July 1941

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL FAW 1 Osasto Fossi 01/07/1941 Finnish / German Russian Along the road to Vuokkiniemi, Finland Finland at War: Jatkosota
ASL ABS1 Ivan's Roadblock 01/07/1941 Russian German Russia Special Edition: Tanks!
ASL M3 The Crossroads 01/07/1941 German Russian Central Russia Rout Report
ASL FE109.1 Salla 01/07/1941 German Russian Salla, Russia Barbarossa North
ASL ? Wrong Place for a Rest Stop 01/07/1941 German Partisan Volkovisk, Russia "Fire & Movement 53"
ASL FrF20 Adolf's Amateurs 01/07/1941 German (SS) Russian Salla, Finland Friendly Fire Pack 3
ASL FF 4 Walk in the Woods 01/07/1941 German Russian West of Smolensk, Russia Firefights! 1
ASL JF10 The Mounted Menace 01/07/1941 Russian German ? Jitter Fire IV Tournament Scenario
ASL Euro-Pack 79 Teutonic Knights 02/07/1941 German Russian Gubnik, Russia Euro-Pack 5: Eastern Front Warfare
ASL HTB!11 Breakout From Borisov 02/07/1941 German Russian Borisov, east of the Berezina River, Russia Hit the Beach 6.3
ASL ASLSK Contest B Exhausting, But Productive 03/07/1941 German Russian Mate Zuchowicze, Russia ASL Starter Kit Scenario Contest Scenario Pack
ASL A44 Blocking Action at Lipki 03/07/1941 Russian German Near Borisov, Russia ASL Annual '92
ASL HP15 Moldavian Massacre 03/07/1941 Romanian Russian Prut River, Moldavia Hero Pax 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
ASL Q Land Leviathans 03/07/1941 German Russian Lipki, Russia The General 26.2
ASL FE110.1 Not So Superman 04/07/1941 German (SS) Russian Salla, Russia Barbarossa North
ASL OST3 Fortune Favors the Bold 04/07/1941 German Russian Staryy Bykhov, Russia Ost Front Pack
ASL FE 95.1 Branzini Brouhaha 05/07/1941 Romanian Russian Branzini, Bessarabia Blitzkrieg Pack
ASL RBF-20 Amateurs At War 05/07/1941 Russian Romanian South of Brinzeni, Basarabia, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL GD5 Machorka 05/07/1941 Russian German Odceda, Russia Grossdeutschland Pack 1: The Early Years
ASL GD6 Great Elan 05/07/1941 German Russian Kamienka, Russia Grossdeutschland Pack 1: The Early Years
ASL 113 Liberating Bessarabia 05/07/1941 Romanian Russian Branzeni, Bessarabia, Romania ASL Module 12: Armies of Oblivion
ASL DB016 Grossdeutschland Series 2: Clearing Kamienka 05/07/1941 German Russian Kamiekna, Russia Dsipatches From the Bunker 8
ASL MP 7 Guerra en la Selva 05/07/1941 Peruvian Ecuadorean Peru Border, el Oro Province, Ecuador Melee Pack II
ASL FE111.1 French Castoffs 06/07/1941 German Russian Salla, Russia Barbarossa North
SASL O98.3 The Stalin Line 06/07/1941 German Russian Rosenov, Russia On All Fronts 98
ASL CH 94 The Ulla Crossing 07/07/1941 German Russian On the banks of the Dvina River near Ulla, Russia Critical Hit 5.1
ASL SS 3 NFNH 7 Siberian Woods 07/07/1941 German (SS) Russian Near Somry, Russia Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
ASL ? Stalemate At Shoblin 07/07/1941 Russian German Shlobin, Russia Playtester's Journal 1
ASL DB023 Leibstandarte Series 3: Recon Blitz At Sarnowka 07/07/1941 German (SS) Russian Sarnowka, Ukraine Dispatches from the Bunker 12
ASL ASL News 8 Motorcycles At Zjitomir 08/07/1941 German Russian Zjitomir, Russia ASL News Pack 1 (Euro-Pack 1: European Designers)
ASL HP29 Tin Cans, Tin Hats 08/07/1941 Australian Vichy French Ball en Naame, Syria Hero Pax 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations
ASL LSSAH9 Forest Through the Trees 08/07/1941 German (SS) Russian North of Miropol, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 2: Barbarossa!
SASL O104.1 Klim and Punishment 08/07/1941 German Russian Near Senno, Russia On All Fronts 104
ASL CH179 Across the Berezina 09/07/1941 German Russian Near Osipovitchi, Russia Critical Hit 7.3
ASL ASL News 31 State Farm 41 09/07/1941 German Russian Near Osipovitchi, Russia Scroungin' ASL News
ASL HP14 Cracking Skulls 10/07/1941 Russian German (SS) Opochka, Russia Hero Pax 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
ASL T4 Shklov's Labors Lost 11/07/1941 German Russian Shklov, Russia The General 24.2
ASL G1 Timoshenko's Attack 12/07/1941 Russian German Gomel, Russia The General 23.3
ASL SK5 Red Waves 12/07/1941 German Russian Smelva Train Station, southwest of Vitebsk, Russia Skirmishes!
ASL LSSAH10 Baptism of Fire 13/07/1941 German (SS) Russian Henrykowka, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 2: Barbarossa!
ASL J34 Men of the Mountains 13/07/1941 Partisan Italian Outside Ceyinje, Montenegro ASL Journal 2
ASL NJ3 Guerrillas in the Mist 14/07/1941 Italian Belgian / Partisan Tri Tam, French Indochina Alternate History Scenario Company
ASL FT 53 First Drop 14/07/1941 German Russian Gorki, Russia From the Cellar Pack 1
ASL FT 05 Trappola 14/07/1941 Italian Partisan (Tito) Near Pbzovica, Yugoslavia Le Franc Tireur 2
ASL FE 62.2 Uncle Joe's Fury 14/07/1941 Russian German Sol'sty, Russia Leningrad Pack
ASL RBF-21 Massif Assault 14/07/1941 Romanian Russian Calarasi, Basarabia, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL RBF-41 Vatutin's Right Hook 14/07/1941 German Russian Sol'sty, Russia Recon By Fire! 4: Germany's Captured Vehicles
ASL AH5 Human Wave 15/07/1941 Russian German Gorodishche, Russia Haley, Alan
ASL RBF-22 Breaking the Massif 16/07/1941 Romanian Russian Chisinau, Basarabia, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL RBF-23 Romanian Holiday 17/07/1941 Russian Romanian Hokovti, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
ASL W The Defense of Luga 19/07/1941 Russian German South of Leningrad, Russia The General 32.3
ASL ? Counterstike At Dorogobush 23/07/1941 Russian German Yelnya, Russia Playtester's Journal 2
ASL 114 Cautious Crusaders 23/07/1941 Slovakian Russian Lipovic, Ukraine ASL Module 12: Armies of Oblivion
ASL SP 24 Forest Fighting In Latvia 23/07/1941 German Russian Near the Dvina River, North of Dvinsk, Latvia Schwerpunkt 2
ASL ESG28 Dangerous Reliance 24/07/1941 Russian Hungarian / Romanian Tulscin, Russia Dezign Pak 3
ASL ASLUG 17 Escape At Dawn 26/07/1941 Russian Romanian 18 miles southeast of Odessa, Russia ASL Union of Gamers 8
ASL O109.3 Taking Popelevo 29/07/1941 German Russian Popeleva, Russia On All Fronts 109