COW January-August 1939

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Chronology Of War Main Pre-1939 Jan - Aug 1939 Sept 1939 Oct 1939 Nov 1939 Dec 1939

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL GRV1 Winter Wolves 07/01/1939 Finnish Russian East of Suomussalmi, Finland ?
ASL FE116 Bad Neighbor Policy 24/03/1939 Slovakian Hungarian Ubrez, Slovakia Oblivion Pack
ASL J148 Last Minute War 24/03/1939 Slovakian Hungarian Nizna Rybnica, Slovakia ASL Journal 10
ASL FT04 Retour a la Case Depart 15/05/1939 Japanese Mongolian Nomonhan Region, Mongolia Le Franc Tireur 1
ASL FoW 01 Panoramic View 28/05/1939 Japanese Mongolian/Russian Ban Tsagan Hill, Mongolia SAGA Tournament Scenario 1993
ASL PJ7.7 The Border 28/05/1939 Russian Japanese Ban Tsagan Hill, Mongolia On All Fronts: Playtesters Journal 7
ASL ASLUG16 Bunshin Gogeki 28/05/1939 Japanese Russian The Halba and Holsten Rivers, Manchukuo ASL Union of Gamers 7
ASL VV21 Alcazar! 09/06/1939 German Polish Wisnicz, Poland Vae Victis 26
ASL OG2.1 Victory For Nothing 03/07/1939 Japanese Russian West of Nomonhan, Manchuria Coastal Fortress
PBDYO Tac PBDYO 3 Baintsagan 03/07/1939 Russian Japanese Nomonhan, Manchuria Tactiques 9
ASL 65 Red Star, Red Sun 05/07/1939 Russian Japanese 8 miles southwest of Nomonhan, Manchukuo ASL Module 8: Code of Bushido
ASL FrF25 Yasuoka's Tank Experience 06/07/1939 Japanese Russian Southwest of Nomonhan, Manchukuo Friendly Fire Pack 4
ASL G45 Halha River Bridge 08/07/1939 Japanese Russian Nomonhan, Manchukuo The General 32.2
ASL TAC67 Déterrez-les! 07/08/1939 Russian Japanese Manchuria Tactiques 9
ASL TAC68 Le Mont Akayama 18/08/1939 Japanese Russian Manchuria Tactiques 9