COW August 1945

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Chronology Of War Main May 1945 Jun 1945 Jul 1945 Aug 1944 Sep - Dec 1945 Post-45

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL CH173 Bitches' On the Beach 11/08/1945 Russian Japanese Sakhalin Island, near Esotoru, Japan Critical Hit 7.3
ASL RBF-18 First Day At Funchin 11/08/1945 Russian Japanese Funchin, Manchuria Recon By Fire! 2
ASL BMW 1.3 Rolling On the River 11/08/1945 Russian Japanese Fuchin, Manchuria Single Man Publishing Online Scenario
ASL SP 30 Evicting Yamagishi 12/08/1945 Russian Japanese Tzuhsingtun, Manchuria Schwerpunkt 3
ASL 59 Smertniki 13/08/1945 Russian Japanese 6 miles north of Mutanchiang, Manchukuo ASL Module 8: Code of Bushido
ASL FrF24 Forging Spetsnaz 13/08/1945 Russian Japanese Chongjin, Korea Friendly Fire Pack 3
ASL J181 The Deadly Line 13/08/1945 Russian Japanese Mo Dao Shi, China ASL Journal 11
ASL CH174 Settling An Old Score 17/08/1945 Russian Japanese Sakhalin Island, Japan Critical Hit 7.3
ASL CH30 Kravchenko's 6th Guards Tank Army 20/08/1945 Russian Japanese Mukden, Manchuria Critical Hit 3