COW August 1941

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Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL DB033 East Front Series 2: PaKing a Punch 01/08/1941 German Russian Kargarlyk, Russia Dsipatches From the Bunker 16
DASL RBF-12 Sverdlikova Melee 02/08/1941 Russian German (SS) Sverdlikova, Russia Recon By Fire! 2
ASL ? Pression sur Jelna 02/08/1941 ? ? Jelna, Russia Journal du Stratege
ASL CH 2 The Capture of Balta: August 1941 03/08/1941 German Russian Balta, the Ukraine Critical Hit Retro 1
ASL IDRAC '92 Occasion A Saisir 03/08/1941 German Russian Balta, Russia Journal du Stratege 65/66
ASL AP43 Escape from Encirclement 03/08/1941 Russian German Podvyssokoya-Peregonorka, Russia Action Pack 5
ASL J29 The Capture of Balta 03/08/1941 Russian Axis Balta, Ukraine ASL Journal 2
ASL ESG 6 Clean Up Crew 04/08/1941 German Russian Glinki, Russia Dezign Pak 1
ASL NOWS Con 3 Battle At Lake Ladoga 04/08/1941 Finnish Russian Lake Ladoga, Finland On All Fronts 68
ASL FE 63.1 Our Land 05/08/1941 Finnish Russian Sortavala, Finland Leningrad Pack
ASL ? Plugging the Hole 05/08/1941 Russian German Roslavl, Russia Playtester's Journal 3
ASL J93 The Porechye Bridgehead 05/08/1941 Russian German Porechye, Russia ASL Journal 6
ASL FE112.1 Old Tactics, New Victims 07/08/1941 Finnish Russian Kestenga, Russia Barbarossa North
ASL J78 Fast Heinz 07/08/1941 Russian German East of Roslavi, Russia ASL Journal 5
ASL ? Ultimes Ressources 08/08/1941 ? ? North of Luga, Russia Journal du Stratege
ASL MP18 Marsh Madness 08/08/1941 German Russian Yurky, Russia Melee Pack III
ASL FT 56 Primo Contatto 11/08/1941 Russian Italian Pokrovskoje, Russia From the Cellar Pack 1
ASL JATK5 Forests of the North 11/08/1941 Finnish / German (SS) Russian 20 miles southwest of Louhki, Russia Jatkosota: Finland's Continuation War
ASL Tac54 Nel Nome Di Roma 12/08/1941 Italian Russian Jasnaya Polyana, Russia Tactiques 7
ASL 54 Bridge to Nowhere 12/08/1941 Italian Russian Yasnaya Polyana, Ukraine, Russia ASL Module 7: Hollow Legions
ASL J9 A Stiff Fight 12/08/1941 Japanese Gurkha Asun, Malaya ASL Journal 1
ASL ESG 5 The Fast, the Slow & the Doomed 13/08/1941 German Russian Smolensk, Russia Dezign Pak 1
ASL RBF-24 Meeting Again 14/08/1941 Romanian Russian Karpovo, Russia Recon By Fire! 3: Axis Minors At War
DASL ASL News 37 A Bush Across the Street 15/08/1941 German (SS) Russian Djergljetz, Russia Scroungin' ASL News
ASL FT100 Hajra! 16/08/1941 German (SS) / Hungarian Russian 16 miles north of Nikolayev, Russia From the Cellar Pack 3
ASL A7 Slamming of the Door 17/08/1941 Russian German Panikovo Forest, Russia ASL Annual '89
ASL LSSAH11 Sea Battle 19/08/1941 German (SS) Russian Cherson, Russia Leibstandarte Pack 2: Barbarossa!
ASL FT 30 Death Is Their Trade 21/08/1941 Partisan German (SS) Pohost, Russia Le Franc Tireur 7: Barbarossa
ASL FT 55 Finnish Blitzkrieg 24/08/1941 Russian Finnish Alakurtti, Finland From the Cellar Pack 1
ASL ESG21 Dying to Kill 24/08/1941 Romanian Russian Odessa, Russia Dezign Pak 2
ASL G24 Mountain Come to Mohammed 25/08/1941 British Iranian Qusr Shaikh, Iran The General 29.5
ASL O41.1 Encounter At Pochep 25/08/1941 German Russian Pochep, Russia On All Fronts 41
ASL O52.1 Toward Tula 25/08/1941 German Russian Near the Rog River, Russia On All Fronts 52
ASL KE13 Scorched Earth 26/08/1941 German Russian Near Bolotina, Russia March Madness '99 Pack
ASL Euro-Pack 7 Rescue Behle 27/08/1941 Russian German / Finnish Uulantoinwarra, Finland Euro-Pack 5: Eastern Front Warfare
ASL SL Rally '91 1 Road to Leningrad: Nasty Business 28/08/1941 German Russian Krasny Bor, Russia On All Fronts 97
ASL TEF1 5 Panzer Pioniers 29/08/1941 German Russian Kurovitsy, Russia Total Eastern Front Pack 1
ASL SL Rally '91 3 Road to Leningrad: Chance Encounters 29/08/1941 German Russian Village of Mga, Russia On All Fronts 96
ASL SL Rally '91 2 Road to Leningrad: Ashes To Ashes 29/08/1941 German Russian Outskirts of Leningrad, Russia On All Fronts 97
ASL SP 31 The Hills of Lagonovo 29/08/1941 German Russian Lagonovo, Russia Schwerpunkt 3
ASL FAW 3 The Bridges At Tuntsajoki 30/08/1941 Finnish / German (SS) Russian The road between Alakurtii and Tuntsajoki, Finland Finland at War: Jatkosota
ASL A106 Debacle at Korosten 30/08/1941 Russian German Along the Kiev Road, Russia ASL Annual '97
ASL SWE4 The Starodub Commissar 30/08/1941 German Russian Starodub, Russia On Top ASL Scenarios
ASL Euro-Pack 96 40 Miles Behind 31/08/1941 Russian German Korosten, Russia Euro-Pack 5: Eastern Front Warfare
ASL FE 64.1 The Iron Ring Is Closed 31/08/1941 German Russian Mga, Russia Leningrad Pack
ASL SL Rally '91 3 Road to Leningrad: Boom Town 31/08/1941 Russian German Mga, Russia On All Fronts 98