COW April 1944

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Chronology Of War Main Feb 1944 Mar 1944 Apr 1944 May 1944 Jun 1944 Jul 1944

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL RGC5 This Isn't a 7-11! 01/04/1944 Japanese Indian Near Torbung, India L.A. Tournament Scenario
ASL SP168 Muhlenkamp's Miracle 02/04/1944 German (SS) Russian Kovel, Russia Schwerpunkt 14
ASL G Hube's Pocket 06/04/1944 Russian German Near Buchach, Southern Russia The General 23.5
HASL J55 Matsumoto's Charge 06/04/1944 Japanese American Nhpum Ga, Burma ASL Journal 3
ASL RPT28 The Polozkov Push 06/04/1944 Russian German Kirpercheny, Romanian Bessarabia Rally Point 3: Relics From the Schwerpunkt Archives
ASL ? Deferlement 08/04/1944 Russian Romanian Crimee, Russia Journal du Stratege 58/59
ASL RPT 9 Shelling the Sivash 08/04/1944 Russian Romanian / German South of the Sivash Sea, Crimea, Russia Rally Point 1: Axis Minors Special Study
ASL SPA653-E Mounting a Big Blow 09/04/1944 ? ? Zlotnik, Russia Schwere PanzerJager Abteilung 653
ASL Euro-Pack 3 Breakthrough Towards Tarnopol 11/04/1944 German (SS) Russian Horodyszce, Galicia Euro-Pack 3: Late War '44-45
ASL J120 Ishun Tank Traps 11/04/1944 Russian German Ishun Crimea ASL Journal 8
ASL Euro-Pack 5 Search & Destroy 12/04/1944 German (SS) Russian Near Tarnopol, Russia Euro-Pack 3: Late War '44-45
ASL EP5 Search and Destroy 12/04/1944 German Russian Wosuszka River, Russia On All Fronts 79
ASL MP 9 No Crying In Crimea 12/04/1944 Russian German / Romanian The Crimea, Russia Melee Pack II
ASL ? Nunshigum Hill 13/04/1944 British Japanese North of Imphal, India DYO
ASL TAP 3 Die a Bitter Death! 15/04/1944 Russian Romanian / German Crimea, Russia Total Axis Pack 1: Eastern Front Firestorm
ASL A41 OP Hill 17/04/1944 Japanese British Near Mawlu, Burma ASL Annual '92
HASL PBP24 Gurkhas and Grants 22/04/1944 Gurkha / British Japanese Ningthoukhong, India Aussie-ASL '98 Pack
ASL PE6 Better To Sweat Than Bleed 23/04/1944 German (SS) Partisan / Yugoslavian Foca, Yugoslavia Prince Eugen Pack
ASL AP96 Food Fight 29/04/1944 Russian Partisan Ukrainian Partisan Hrabivka, Ukraine Action Pack 10