COW April 1940

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Chronology Of War Main Feb 1940 Mar 1940 Apr 1940 May 1940 Jun 1940 Jul 1940

Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender Location Module / Publication
ASL A105 Police Action 01/04/1940 Polish German Kamienna, Poland ASL Annual '97
ASL HG5 Mount Istibei 06/04/1940 German Greek Mount Istibei, Greece High Ground
ASL 44 The Gauntlet 09/04/1940 German Norwegian Hamar-Elverum Road, Norway ASL Module 6: The Last Hurrah
ASL 87 Good Night, Sweet Prince 09/04/1940 German Danish Haderslev, Denmark ASL Module 11: Doomed Battalions
ASL CH107 Tumult From the Clouds 09/04/1940 German Norwegian Sola-Stavanger, Norway Critical Hit 6.1
ASL CH137 Assault on Fornebu 09/04/1940 German Norwegian Fornebu, Norway Critical Hit 6.2
ASL 89:4 Assault At Sola 09/04/1940 German Norwegian Sola Airfield, southwest of Stavanger, Norway LinCon Tournament Scenario
ASL FE85 Danish Pride 09/04/1940 German Danish Soelstad, Denmark Blitzkrieg Pack
ASL RBF-40 King's Gambit 09/04/1940 German Danish Copenhagen, Denmark Recon By Fire! 4: Germany's Captured Vehicles
ASL TBA1 Hunters From the Clouds 09/04/1940 German Norwegian Sola Airfield, Norway To Battle By Air 1
ASL SP82 Norway in Half 15/04/1940 Norwegian German Near Dombaas, Norway Schwerpunkt 7
ASL FT48 On the Swedish Border 16/04/1940 German Norwegian Bjornfell, Norway Le Franc Tireur 8: Normandy
ASL FE86 The End at Dombaas 18/04/1940 German Norwegian Dombaas, Norway Blitzkrieg Pack
ASL ESG38 Choke Point 21/04/1940 German Norwegain / British Verdal, Norway Dezign Pak 4
ASL TSS2 Hall of the Mountain King 21/04/1940 Norwegian German Kronborg, Norway ASL Digest 6.05
ASL TSS03 Thor's Hammer 21/04/1940 German Norwegian Aasta, Norway ASL Digest 6.08
ASL J36 The Bridge of Verdalsora 21/04/1940 German Norwegian / British Verdalsora, Norway ASL Journal 3
ASL A63 Action at Balberkamp 22/04/1940 German Norwegian / British Near Balberkamp, Norway ASL Annual '93b
ASL TAC39 Operation Sur la Gudbransdal 23/04/1940 German British Tretten, Norway Tactiques 5
ASL J37 Tretten in Flames 23/04/1940 German British Tretten, Norway ASL Journal 3
ASL A31 On the Road to Andalsnes 24/04/1940 German Norwegian Near Dombass, Norway ASL Annual '91
ASL TOT33 Another Tricky Day 25/04/1940 German British Outside Kvan, Norway Time On Target 3
ASL TH 8 Nordic Combined 26/04/1940 Norwegian German Gratangen, Norway Hundsdorfer, Tim
ASL TH 4 Fallschirmjager Take Charge 27/04/1940 German Norwegian / Polish Norway Hundsdorfer, Tim
DASL RBF9 Rolling Stones 28/04/1940 German Noewegian Naaverdalen, Norway Recon By Fire! 2
ASL O117.3 Back to the Beach 28/04/1940 British German Near Lille, France On All Fronts 117
ASL J38 Bitter Defense at Otta 28/04/1940 German British Gudbrandsdal Valley, Norway ASL Journal 3