Blocking Action at Lipki

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Blocking Action at Lipki

Scenario A44.jpg
Publication: ASL Annual '92
Location: Borisov, Russia
Scenario Date: 3 July 1941
# of Turns: 7.5
# of Maps: 3
Maps Used: 4, 5, 16
Attacker: Russian
Defender: German


During the opening stages of Barbarossa, the first great pincer movement on the Central Front occurred between the cities of Bialystok and Minsk. As a result of the encirclement of four Soviet armies in the pocket, the high command was forced to commit whatever units were available in an effort to form a new defensive line. To gain more time, a crack unit – the 1st Moscow Motor Rifle Division – was sent to intercept Guderian’s 18th Panzer Division as it struck towards Smolensk. The enemy had to be slowed if they could not be stopped. A little more than six miles east of Borisov, near the village of Lipki, the two armored spearheads met in a series of clashes.


Victory Conditions

The Russian must exit units or eliminate German units





After Action Reports