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| [[Image:Best_of_Friends.jpeg|200 px|center]]
| [[Image:Best_of_Friends.jpeg|200 px|center]]
|- align=center
|- align=center
|'''Best of Friends'''
|''Best of Friends''

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Best of Friends.jpeg
Best of Friends

Best of Friends was published by MMP in 2013.

The scenarios were originally written for the Swedish Friendly Fire ASL Tournament.


  • 12 scenarios






Type Scenario ID Title Date Attacker Defender
ASL Scenario BoF1 The Marco Polo Bridge Incident 08/07/1937 Japanese Chinese
ASL Scenario BoF2 A Polish Requiem 14/09/1939 German Polish
ASL Scenario BoF3 The Abbeville Bridgehead 28/05/1940 French German
ASL Scenario BoF4 About His Shadowy Sides 24/06/1941 Russian German
ASL Scenario BoF5 Adolf's Amateurs 01/07/1941 German Russian
ASL Scenario BoF6 Cavalry Brigade Model 02/07/1942 German Russian
ASL Scenario BoF7 The Fields of Black Gold 28/09/1942 German Russian
ASL Scenario BoF8 Sting of the Italian Hornet 12/07/1943 Canadian Italian
ASL Scenario BoF9 Pursuing Frank 27/07/1944 Russian German
ASL Scenario BoF10 To Have and to Hold 02/09/1944 American German
ASL Scenario BoF11 Second Thoughts 04/01/1945 German American
ASL Scenario BoF12 Forging Spetsnaz 13/08/1945 Russian Japanese