Battlin' Buckeyes

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Battlin' Buckeyes

Publication: ASL Journal 1, Rising Sun
Location: Tacondo Barrio, Luzon, The Philippines
Scenario Date: 29 January 1945
# of Turns: 6.5
# of Maps: 2
Maps Used: 4, 41
Attacker: Japanese
Defender: American


Many of the American troops defending Clark Field were less than front-line quality. Lieutenant Colonel Seikuke Eguchi, however, scrounged for them every available machine gun from the destroyed aircraft littering the runways. As the remains of Kembu Group were being pushed into the foothills of the Zambales Mountains, Eguchi decided to counterattack. After clearing Clark Field, the “Battling Buckeyes” of the 37th pushed into the ruins of Fort Scotsenberg. On the morning of the 29th, Eguchi’s infantry hit the American defenses, and were repulsed. Another counterattack led by six tanks of the Yanagimoto Detachment struck the right flank at Barrio Tacondo.


Victory Conditions

The Japanese must control buildings and/or eliminate American vehicles


Errata (J2)

  • Add a 6-6-7 and BAZ 45 to the at-start American OB (The American BI BPV number changes from [151] to [165]) MMP



After Action Reports