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Rule Clarifications

None yet.

Playing Aids

  • Mini-IFT, by Mark Pitcavage - This play aid has the IFT on one side and the CCT on the other, as well as the Ambush Table and the Heat of Battle Table. Original Link or Local Download

Tactiques / Analysis

Errata / Q&A

  • A11.4 & A7.831 See prior entry.
  • A11.4 & A15.432 If a Russian Berserk MMC enters into CC in an enemy-occupied building Location during its MPh, can Russian units who advance into the CC Location that same Player Turn cause an Ambush to possibly occur (since they are not reinforcing a Melee)? A. Yes. [Gen22.5; An95w; An96; Mw]
  • A11.4 AMBUSH: ... whenever a hidden unit is placed onboard as per A11.19, an Ambush can occur. [G.4 p.G1; An96; Mw]
  • A11.4 In the last line of the chart, add "unpinned" in front on "Good Order". [An97]
  • A11.4 & A21.2 When Infantry Advanced into a Woods/Building Location containing only an Abandoned enemy AFV, is Ambush possible, and if so, does the enemy AFV suffer any Ambush penalty beyond the +2 drm for a Vehicle? A. Ambush is not possible. [Letter7]
  • A11.4 & A10.72 See prior entry.
  • A11.4, A12.122, A12.154 & A16.2 Can a player decline the use of a poor leadership modifier in an Ambush dr if the leader is not alone? A. No; neither may he decline its use for Concealment (A12.122), Search Casualties (if concealed; A12.154), nor an Integrity Check (A16.2). [An97; Mw]
  • A11.4 & B30.6 Since a unit IN a pillbox that it is screened by a friendly unit in the hex outside the pillbox cannot be attacked in CC (B30.6), would it figure into any Ambush calculations? A. No. [J1; Mw]